Raspberry Studio

​​I am a Bay Area native, born in the Richmond District of San Francisco in the late 70's. If you were to ask anyone to describe me one of the first words would be Creative, then kind and free spirited would follow. 

I love what I do. I love to create. I am kind. And I am definitely a free spirit. Occasionally, I like to stuff a little rosemary, mint, maybe even a lemon, a raspberry branch, orange slices, or an artichoke into my arrangements. It gives me a little extra joy.

I believe that the essence of a beautiful arrangement is a combination of so many elements. Like seasons and us as individuals. 

While studying design in college, I worked at a tiny little flower shop. And vowed I would never be cleaning thorns off of a rose stem again.

Little did I know..

After graduating with an Interior Design degree, I worked as a Residential Interior Designer for Florentine Interiors, a Model Home Installer for KB Homes, a Visual Designer for Restoration Hardware and a Visual Merchandiser for Pottery Barn and Oscar De La Renta. I was exhausted.

I started working at a flower shop again. I made a lot less money, but it brought me so much more joy.

16 years ago, I started Raspberry Studio. I couldn't be happier. "Raspberry" because the essence of a Raspberry Flower signifies, Kindness- "Studio" because I moved around quite a bit while I was married to a man in the military. And Thats how "Raspberry Studio" came about.. 

I am no longer married, but love the option of having a Studio - traveling, is something I really enjoy. I have two locations set up now. One in Corte Madera and one in Danville, CA. 

My friends call me "Moon", "Muna" or "Peeps". I am a virgo libra cusp- A perfectionist, I have a keen eye for detail, a rooftop lover, a star gazer sigh..., a little neurotic and believe knowledge and beauty are​ power.. On my free time, you can catch me under the sun frolicking, enjoying live music or reading old poetry, while thinking about sticking a pomegranate in my next arrangement.

Deciding what to feel is your job; Creating something to feel for, is mine. 

I can't wait to create for you.

Love, Muneera